I'm Mario,

I'm a devout Christian, devoted husband, and loving father.

I am not a politician. I'm not a lawyer and I don't fit the typical mold for a political figure. I'm a package delivery courier. I work everyday with my heart and my hands to provide a living for my lovely wife and two young sons. As such I'm intimately familiar with the concerns of North Carolina's working men and women. As a political outsider and a constitutional conservative, I plan on bringing business-minded common sense solutions to address our modern challenges. Back is the way forward. Back to our founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, and equal opportunity.

Through principled conservative leadership, I know that North Carolina's best days are still ahead of her. I have a vision for our great state. I see a future full of optimism and opportunity. We are one people fighting for a common cause, a better future for North Carolina. Help me turn that vision for N.C. into a victory for N.C.

Hi, I am Mario J. Lomuscio, running for NC Senate

in District 15, I would very much appreciate

your Vote and Support.

Protect and Defend the Sanctity of Life.

Sanctity of Life

Fight for our Founding Principles of limited government, individual liberty and equal opportunity.

Founding Principles

Lower Taxes

Fewer Regulations and Lower Taxes

NC Senate District 15

Education System

Fight for the Highest Standards in quality for our Education System through Open Enrollment and School Choice.

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