Confederate Statues and the Silent Specter of Saul Alinsky

Thursday, June 25, 2020 11:50 AM

By Mario J. Lomuscio

No statue appears to be safe from the angry throngs, masses, and mobs assembling across the country in recent weeks. What began as a righteous and peaceful protest against racism, has devolved into an astonishing display of facsism, authoritarian mob rule, and a wanton destruction of property both public and private. Confederate statues appear to have been the original target of the recent violence, but the ire quickly shifted to statues of Founding Fathers, US Presidents, abolitionists, and even Catholic Saints. Now, a violent mob has even threatened to tear down the Emancipation Statue in Lincoln Park. A statue literally commissioned by emancipated slaves to commemorate the end of slavery! Is nothing sacred anymore? 

It’s become clear that these Confederate statues are a subterfuge obscuring a more sinister movement lurking loudly in the shadows. Make no mistake: The violence erupting around the country has absolutely nothing to do with statues at all. Neither is it redress and restitution for the sins of the Confederacy. Rather, what’s happening is a siren call of the radical left for the Marxist cultural revolution. We are witnessing what former President Barack Obama called “the fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” Our history and institutions are being burned and destroyed, all to be remade in the image of Karl Marx and a corrupt community organizer by the name of Saul Alinsky.  

In the 1970s, Alinsky famously wrote a wildly popular, radically unethical handbook for progressive social activism called Rules for Radicals. Alinsky’s philosophy is rooted deeply in moral relativism and the us-vs-them violence and chaos of the Communist Manifesto. Clearly adherent to Hegel, Machiavelli, Marx, Neitzche, and Rousseau; the tactics articulated in his book are playing out right before our very eyes at the hands of his postmodern disciples and a violent band of Marxist revolutionaries. A brief review of a few of his rules is in order: 

Rule 7: A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag.

 “Don’t become old news. Momentum cools; your movement needs to keep reinventing itself. Old formulas for change no longer work today.”

Let me preface this by saying there are many righteous and peaceful protestors genuinely concerned with inequality and injustice. These individuals have my full support. It’s the radicals infiltrating a just cause and hijacking the narrative with violence and vandalism that must be called out and totally condemned. Here we can find Rule Seven in action: The brutal and unjust murder of George Floyd marked the righteous beginning of our current bout of civil unrest. What started as peaceful protests however, quickly devolved into full on riots. We’ve seen video after video of anarchists (mostly white) hijacking these peaceful protests, destroying property, and inciting riots. Since Floyd’s murder, the violence and unrest has continued to devolve and morph into a continuous crisis; ever shifting to keep momentum. The focus has shifted from police brutality, to racial injustice, to so-called “autonomous zones”, to confederate statues, to now any and all statues that subjectively offend the radical leftist fascists operating under the guise of “protest”. 

Rule 8: Keep the pressure on with different tactics and actions.

“Never let up. Keep the opposition off balance. As the opposition masters one approach, hit them with something new. Claim your opponents are out of touch with the real world. Mobilize, mobilize, mobilize. Burn down existing systems and replace it with your own reality.” 

Did you catch that last sentence? There are elected officials who are, with all seriousness, attempting to literally abolish the police right now with absolutely no plan on what will replace police as law enforcement. The police are not the only institution currently under attack. Demands to overhaul our prison, healthcare, and education systems have erupted from the chaos. They are to be replaced with undefined utopian socialistic fantasy programs that will somehow rectify injustice. Such is the list of demands from “CHAZ” the autonomous zone in Seattle. Capitalism itself is under assault and Communism is the stated objective. 

Rule 11: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive. 

“The public sympathizes with the underdog. Forge transformative experiences in your favor by claiming righteousness. Occupy territory with attitude and action.”

Riots, looting, vandalism, and the wanton destruction of property are all being written off and excused by many as a necessary and even righteous undertaking for the cause of social justice. When police respond to break up these violent assemblies, the perpetrators often play the victim. Rioters make themselves out to be innocent protesters rather than hostile actors and the police are made out to be the aggressors. We’ve all seen the sophistry of the mainstream media in recent weeks, dismissing riots as “mostly peaceful” protests.  

What’s happening around us follows so closely with the pages of Rules for Radicals that we can literally predict what will happen tomorrow by turning the pages of the book. 

So how do we fight back? 

The proper medicament to heal our dying culture is easily stated but achieved only with penitent patience and perseverance. We must first place our faith and trust in almighty God and practice active dependence on Him. We must fix reason firmly in her seat and bathe our shadowy foe in the blinding light of objective truth. We must stand on principle; on virtue and unite around the righteous cause of Liberty. Marxism will never win so long as equality of outcome is rejected, and equality of opportunity is embraced. We must refuse to let our differences divide us, but rather seek out our common humanity together as one nation, under God. We must come together, not to destroy what we hate, but preserve what we love. Free market capitalism in combination with a limited government and Jeffersonian individual Liberty. That is how we fight back. That is how we relegate the ghosts of Marx and Alinsky to the ash heap of history where they belong.