We Remember

Friday, September 11, 2020 11:38 AM

19 years ago today, Nothing else mattered. Not the R or the D next to your name on your voter ID. Not the color of your skin. Not your religion. Not whatever you were arguing about with your friends on social media. Nothing. Time stood still in the horror, disbelief, and shock of 9/11/2001. We as a nation watched one of the greatest tragedies in American history unfold before our very eyes with unfathomable sorrow and loss. 

But, something remarkable happened on 9/12. We forgot. We forgot all of the things that make us different and for a short while we were all Americans again. We helped our fellow Americans. Men, women, white, black, rich, poor, famous and nameless we all came together by the millions to give aide to those in need. We pulled ourselves up and wiped the blood and tears from the eyes of our neighbors and we rebuilt. We came together as one United people with love and perseverance. We rediscovered our true American spirit.

That spirit is still alive today, however difficult it may be to believe. I've never in my lifetime seen this country more divided than it is right now. Still, I have hope that the same American spirit we showed back on 9/12/2001, can and will rebuild the bridges of unity that have crumbled over the years. Deep down under the ugly social media rants, violent protests, intolerance, and divisiveness, bullying, and vitriol, we are all still ONE peopleWe are Americans. When the going gets tough, all those inconsequential things that separate us melt away and who we really are shines through with golden light. 

Today marks an excellent day to remember who we are. 

We are first children of Almighty God,

We are Americans second, and 

We are neighbors third. 

Today let us remember 9/11, but let us strive for 9/12. Let us Be 9/12.

 Let us Live 9/12. That is who we truly are! #NeverForget