My Platform

As a political outsider and a constitutional conservative, I plan to fight for business-minded, no-nonsense solutions that will address North Carolina's modern challenges. I will tirelessly work to bring North Carolina back to our founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, and equal opportunity. Here is how I plan to be the voice of the working men and women of Wake County.


1.) As a father of 2 young boys, our education system is of the utmost importance to me. As Senator, I will fight every day for the highest quality in our education system by introducing the principles of free market competition through open enrollment and School Choice. It's time we put the welfare of our children ahead of the special interests of the education bureaucracy.


2.) I will fight to implement the proven economic policies that helped forge the greatest nation in the history of the world. By limiting burdensome regulations and arbitrary taxes we can foster an economic environment most conducive to innovation, job creation, and growth. I will utilize these founding principles to help fight for North Carolina’s continued economic prosperity. We must aim for not only being competitive in the market, but a leader in the race for technological advancement.


3.) I will fight to finally uphold our constitutional promise to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterity by protecting and defending the sanctity of life. Who is our posterity, if not the unborn children of our next generation? It's time to take a stand to proclaim equal rights for all, especially for those least capable of fighting for those rights themselves. If elected, I will be an unwavering champion in the North Carolina Senate for the Pro-Life movement.  

In a time of economic uncertainty, I hope to lean on my business management experience to help our people rebuild their businesses and reinvigorate our economy. In a time of partisan political division, I hope to rebuild the bridges of unity that have made North Carolina the greatest state in America. We are one people; one North Carolina fighting for a common cause: to leave our children with a better community than we inherited from our parents. I am not a politician and I hope I never become one. Rather, it is my sincere hope to be a public servant of We the People. It would be my greatest honor to serve you in Senate District 15.

Leadership. Liberty. Lomuscio.


NC Senate District 15