Where I Stand on the Issues

Mario J. Lomuscio


As Senator, I will fight for the highest standards of quality in education by promoting School Choice and Open Enrollment. No one knows the individual needs and interests of a child better than the parent. By granting education dollars directly to parents in the form of a voucher or an Education Savings Account, the money would follow the student. Whether private, public, parochial, charter, or homeschool, every child should have the opportunity to receive a high quality education and every parent should be empowered with the freedom to choose where their child attends school. 


While North Carolina is blessed with some of the finest medical facilities in the world and is a leader in the healthcare industry, there is much we can do to improve our healthcare system. The problem however, isn’t that taxpayers spend too little on Government programs, the problem is that the cost of healthcare is too high. Policy makers should be focusing on free market solutions that get the government out of the way and drive down the cost of care. We should focus on promoting market innovations such as Direct Primary Care as well as new innovative medical technologies. We should also focus on empowering small businesses with health insurance benefits options such as Association Health plans. 


As a Christian, I am passionately Pro-Life. I truly believe that every baby is a unique human being of infinite intrinsic value, created in the image of almighty God. I will fight with all my heart to protect these precious innocent lives by working to make North Carolina a Sanctuary State for the unborn. I will fight to preserve human dignity not only at the beginning of life, but at the end of life as well.

The Second Amendment

As a gun owner, a concealed carry permit holder, and as an American citizen I am passionately Pro-2nd Amendment. The right to keep and bear arms is not only a fundamental means for protecting one’s life, liberty, and property, but it is an indispensable hedge against tyranny. As Senator, I will fight with every fiber of my being to uphold and defend our God-given inalienable rights.  Abraham Lincoln once said: "We The people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution." With that said I give my word that I will stand like an immovable rock against any efforts to infringe upon our 2nd Amendment.

Jobs and the Economy

History has shown us time and time again that fewer regulations and lower taxes promote innovation, stimulate the economy, and create jobs. As Senator I will fight for our founding principles of limited government, individual liberty, and equal opportunity with regard to economic policy. Not only will I fight to keep taxes low, but I will also fight to reform occupational licensure laws so we can foster an economic environment most conducive to small business startups.

Human Trafficking

As a Senator I will do everything in my power to end human trafficking in our state. We must promote policies  that expand public awareness of human trafficking warning signs. We must also promote technological advancements that will more effectively identify human trafficking victims and perpetrators. I will not rest until every victim of human trafficking in North Carolina is safe.

Our Veterans

As an American, I can’t even begin to express my profound gratitude for the heroes that answer the call of duty, put on the uniform, and take the oath to defend our great nation. Yet sadly, many of our veterans are sorely mistreated by the country they sacrificed so very much to protect. From homelessness, to opioid addictions, to inadequate healthcare, in many cases we are failing our veterans. As Senator, I will do everything in my power to support our veterans and to treat these heroes with the respect and dignity they so rightly deserve.

Environment and Energy

North Carolina is exquisitely blessed with a diverse panoply of natural beauty. From our scenic mountains to the coastal plains to the outer banks, North Carolina truly unique. We must do everything in our power to protect our environment. That’s why I fully support two of the cleanest and most efficient forms of energy available, nuclear and natural gas. As Senator, I will empower private industry to find innovative solutions for keeping our environment safe and clean, while also promoting efficient energy sources by limiting the scope of burdensome government regulations.

Minimum Wage

Economists nearly universally agree that raising the minimum wage is a terrible idea that will inevitably result in higher unemployment and a net loss in take home pay for the very people minimum wage hikes are intended to help. This is an economic reality that is tragically played out every time the minimum wage is increased.

One of the worst mistakes we can make from a public policy standpoint is judging a policy or program on its intent and not its effects. Raising the minimum wage hurts the poor and disproportionately harms the age bracket of 16 to 24 (the bracket most likely to work minimum wage jobs.)

I care too much about the young working men and women of our State to allow their jobs to be legislated into oblivion with well intentioned, but ultimately destructive minimum wage hikes.


Mario J. Lomuscio

For NC Senator District 15

NC Senate District 15