Meet Mario

I remember walking into Oak Grove Elementary school with my parents at the age of 7. They were going to exercise their right to vote in the 96’ election and I remember being taken in by the whole experience. Even at an early age I discovered a passion for our political process. I remember my father so enthusiastically teaching me about our Founding Fathers, the American Revolution and the philosophy that built this great nation. I remember the values of hard work and self reliance my grandfather (the son of Italian immigrants) taught me. Those lessons stayed with me all my life because they taught me the value of hard work and the virtues of honor and integrity.

Over the last decade I’ve taken it upon myself to dig deeply into those lessons and into the values and principles that define America. I’ve independently studied philosophy, economics, and theology in an effort to learn what makes our wonderful country so very unique. In doing so, I discovered a profound renewal of my Christian faith, developed an unbreakable passion for our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, and I found an unmistakable calling to serve our beautifully diverse and growing community.

I am not an establishment politician, nor am I a wealthy lawyer. I’m a humble package delivery courier. I work everyday with my hands and my heart to make ends meet for my loving wife and two young sons. As such I am intimately familiar with the concerns of the working men and women of this district. I know what it’s like to worry about the quality of our education system and the future cost of tuition when our children head off to college. I know what it’s like to struggle with the rising cost of childcare. I know what it’s like to experience the ups and downs of the housing market in a growing community. I know what it’s like for small business owners like my wife to compete not only with the market, but with a burdensome and bloated bureaucracy as well. As a business-minded political outsider, I feel that I am uniquely qualified to address these concerns with straightforward no-nonsense solutions. Solutions that will bypass the bureaucracy and put the citizens of North Carolina first.

It’s time to bring District 15 back to our founding principles of limited government and individual liberty. It’s time to start a grassroots movement. Not a progressive movement or a conservative movement, but a Liberty movement.

My name is Mario J. Lomuscio. I am running for NC State Senate and I’m humbly asking you to be a part of that movement. Help me to be the voice of the working men and women in North Carolina’s 15th District. Thank you for your support and God bless. 

Leadership. Liberty. Lomuscio.

NC Senate District 15